Mushroom Madness: Celebrate National Mushroom Day

Mushroom Madness: Celebrate National Mushroom Day

Shelby here, your guide to the most whisker-licking, fur-tastic toys in the cativerse! 

Today, we're celebrating the National Day of the Mushroom 🍄 with our latest collection that’s sprouting with fun. Let’s dig in and discover why our mushroom-themed toys will be the next big hit in your kitty’s treasure trove! 

 Fun-gi Facts to Make Your Cat Paws and Reflect:

 🍄Hide and Sneak: Cats (especially kittens) love to play hide and seek with mushrooms in nature, mimicking their wild instincts to pounce on small, intriguing objects. Our Mushroom Dumpling and Mushroom Eggroll toys are purrfect for satisfying those wild urges, without any of the mess! 🙀

 🍄Felt Fun: Cats are naturally attracted to the texture of our Wool Felted Mushrooms. The soft, squishy feel under their paws and the enticing swat-and-chase potential make these toys irresistible. Plus, the colors in our Stuffed Mushroom range—vibrant Copper and lush Olive—are visually stimulating, ensuring your cat stays engaged and entertained. 🎨🍂

 Get Ready to Shop ‘til You Plop!

 Don’t miss out on the mushroom craze.  Head over to our website and snatch these fungal delights before they're all gone. Shop the new toys meow and let your kitty indulge in some myco-logical fun! 🛍️😽

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