The Journey to Cat Mom

The Journey to Cat Mom

I grew up with dogs, all my family and friends had dogs, I was destined to be a Dog Mom.

It all changed with an adorable, irresistible furball, purrfect creature named Shelby. It all happened so fast, my very first trip to shelter, Pets in Need, I knew I was destined to be a “CatMom” and “Crazy Cat Lady”.

As I entered the adoption area, I was overwhelmed with all the adoptable kitties, their cute names, their profiles and how they were looking for a fur-ever homes. I was overwhelmed….I wanted to bring them all home. How could I choose?

A faint meow coming from the corner of the room, I investigated. There she was, recently arrived with her brothers and sisters that were already labeled with “I’m Going Home”.

I knew she was for me. From the first look at her in those loving eyes, I was officially a Cat Mom.
From the very first purr, meow and licks on my face, I knew life would never be the same again. I wanted only the very best for her — and giving her all that she needed to be happy and healthy.

However, my excitement about finding Shelby a purrfect catnip toy that was fresh and healthy to her lead to feelings of disappointment. Finding toys for her was certainly easy, but toys that were of high quality, had aesthetic appeal and were affordable were few and far between.

So I started making toys for Shelby. I used old fabric scraps, bought catnip plants to harvest and dry to fill them. This was the start of it.

Present day, I take pride in designing and hand-making toys, in cat-roaming studio. They are still made by me (with Love) and kitty tested by our current fur-family.
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