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1 punch for every $5 spend in person (like the punch card) or online 2 punches for signing up to receive our newsletter 2 punches for submitting a review online (Maximum 12 Punches) 1 punch if you follow our Instagram account 1 punch if you follow our Facebook Page 1 punch if you share our Facebook Page Link 1 punch for your cat's birthday/Gotcha day (needs to be submitted online) - (this will be added to your account on the day)

Yes, we can use both the physical punch card you have received from us during an in person event and the ones in your account. It will take us a minute to update the online account while you are with us in person. If you have a card and want to use it online, send us a picture of the card and we will update your account accordingly. Note that physical card punches will no longer be valid once we add them to the online account. We will work together to make sure we get all your punches tracked - we want to make it easy for everyone !

12 Punches earns one free $6.00 toy. Online this will add a $6.00 - you get to choose your own toy !

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12 Punches = $6.00 Toy

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Free $6.00 Toy

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