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PURRseco Catnip Toy

PURRseco Catnip Toy

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Pop the cork on playtime with CatnipTakeout's Purrseco Cat Toy – a bubbly and delightful twist on feline fun! 🍾🐾 Handmade with love and filled with premium catnip, this Purrseco isn't just a toy; it's a celebration for your cat. Affordable, accessible, and crafted with whimsy, it's the purr-fect choice for adding a touch of sparkle to your cat's playtime!

🐾 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Handmade Whimsy: Crafted with meticulous detailing, each Purrseco Cat Toy is a unique masterpiece, ensuring your cat enjoys a one-of-a-kind playtime experience. 🎨🍾
  • Pacific Northwest Catnip Fizz: Infused with premium catnip from the Pacific Northwest, this Purrseco is an aromatic delight that will captivate your cat's senses. 🌿✨
  • Bubbly Fun: Shaped like a sparkling Purrseco bottle, this toy adds a touch of celebration to your cat's playtime, encouraging natural instincts. 🍾🌟
  • Interactive Play: Designed for batting and swatting, the Purrseco Cat Toy provides hours of interactive play, keeping your cat engaged and entertained. 🕐🐱
  • Accessible and Affordable: CatnipTakeout believes in making quality toys accessible and affordable. Treat your cat to premium play without breaking the bank! 💸
  • Celebrate the Moment: This Purrseco isn't just a toy; it's a celebration for your feline friend. Watch them bat, pounce, and revel in the joy of playtime! 🎉🐾

Toast to playtime joy with the Purrseco Cat Toy – because every cat deserves a sparkling celebration!

    • Approximate Size:  5 (with gold "cork") Inches by 2.5 Inches
    • Materials: ♻️Eco-friendly felt made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles 🍃 premium catnip and a lot of love ❤️ 
    vegan filled Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly

    Why Kitties and Hoomans Love These:

    🌿 Premium Catnip Infusion: Filled with top-quality catnip sourced from the lush fields of the North America, providing an irresistible aroma for your cat's enjoyment.

    🧵Handcrafted Feline Delights: Each toy is a masterpiece of feline art, ensuring your cat gets the royal treatment. While we strive for size and color accuracy in our pictures, please note that each creation is unique. Your toy may differ slightly, adding to its charm and individuality!

    😺 Endless Playtime Excitement:   More fun than a mouse chase ! 🐭 Bid farewell to boredom with our array of interactive toys!

    Crafted in captivating shapes, they promise hours of engagement and amusement for your feline companion. Witness their joyful pouncing, batting, and chasing as they embrace their newfound favorite playthings!

    💰 Accessible & Affordable: Spoil your kitty without burning a hole in your pocket! Our catnip toys are not just a treat for your cat but also friendly to your budget.

    🐾🚫 Do not leave a pet
    unsupervised when playing with any toy. No toy is indestructible, and damaged toys should be discarded to prevent accidental ingestion.

    Our toys are tough and made to withstand vigorous kitty play. However, there will come a time when the cat wins and the toy is damaged. When this happens, please discard the toy and order another (or stop by and visit us in PURRson).

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